Day Four Updates

I downloaded a WordPress iPhone app last night so now I can blog from my phone! Hence the dinner in progress post last night 🙂

Everyone has been asking how it’s going and how we are feeling. We started on Sunday, so this is day four. I feel great in the mornings, but as the day goes on I have a horrible headache and start feeling tired and just blah. Last night I feel asleep on the couch watching the Red Sox game at 9pm! That is SO unlike me. I think the headaches are a combination of not drinking caffeine and not drinking enough water. I also think I let myself get too hungry between meals, so I am going to try and snack more today. We both feel like if we are up and moving around we feel less tired/weak than if we are sitting watching TV. Which I guess makes sense 🙂 I know our bodies are just detoxing all the junk we are used to eating, but I sure will be glad when these beginning days are behind us!


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