A photographer I follow recently blogged about e-Cloths and said they were amazing. She actually said ‘life-changing!’ (Her blog post here.) I decided to check them out, and in the process found this interesting piece of information:

One of the scariest things ever written is this excerpt from a Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons study:

“Women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women working away from the home.”  

A 15 year study concluded that it is directly linked to the toxic household chemicals in the home.

The National Research Council reports that “No toxic information is available for more than 80% of the chemicals in everyday use products.”  Not only do you not know what chemicals you’re exposing your family to, there isn’t a way to find out.

These chemicals leave residue on every surface of the home.  Eliminating them is good for you and your family.  We all know why it’s important to get rid of bacteria, but the chemicals we’ve been using to kill them might be just as harmful to us.

A couple of years ago two family members were diagnosed with cancer within a few months of each other. One was a non-smoker that got lung cancer. I did a bit of research at the time and discovered that non-smoking women have a higher likelihood of lung cancer because of all the beauty and cleaning products they are exposed to. It really made me think, and I have been slowly (very slooowwwly) trying to get rid of the chemicals in our home. We have already switched to home-made laundry detergent, replaced fabric softener with vinegar, and replaced dryer sheets with dryer balls. I’ve gotten rid of all candles and room sprays. I stopped wearing perfume and using my beloved scented body washes. I’m researching shampoo, conditioner, face wash, etc. to purchase when what I’m currently using runs out. 

I got off on a little tangent there, but it looks like on payday I will be the proud new owner of a few e-Cloths 🙂 You can check out their website here.