Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free Lasagna | Recipe

Ok, I’m finally back with the lasagna recipe! I was really surprised at how easily this came together, and it was very good! My meat loving sister said she usually hates lasagna, but loved this one. The entire pan was gone in less than 24 hours between my sister and my husband πŸ™‚

We use this organic brown rice pasta (purchased from Greenlife, not Amazon) and it was great! Had a good texture and flavor. We also use Daiya mozzarella cheese for the first time, after reading great reviews online. I was too nervous to taste it by itself, but it was perfect in the lasagna. Wasn’t quite as melty/stringy as real cheese, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it!

There isn’t really a recipe for this… I just put a small amount of sauce in the bottom of the pan, then layered the following ingredients until my pan was full/I ran out:

  • noodles
  • cashew ‘cheese‘ (similar to ricotta)
  • frozen spinach (thawed)
  • spaghetti sauce (we use Prego, which isn’t organic but meets our other requirements)
  • Daiya cheese

We topped it with the remaining Daiya cheese and baked uncovered at 375* for about 30 minutes.

We will definitely be making this again!


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