Week one weigh-in

This is technically one day early since we started on Sunday, but our cheat meal is tonight and we didn’t want it to affect our numbers 🙂

Blake: -13 lbs
Sarah: -7 lbs

Our goal for this was to eliminate animal products and greatly reduce soy and corn products. Here is how we did this week:

Animal products: 0
Soy: <5
Corn products: <5

Those numbers include all ingredients for all meals. The only thing I can really think of that had corn/soy is our veggie stir fry sauce (soy sauce and xantham gum) and the salad dressing we had last night (xantham gum), but I could be missing something. Six days, with three meals a day plus snacks – I am beyond amazed with how well we stuck to the plan!

We originally said that today would be our cheat day, and discussed Taco Bell, pizza, Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits and chocolate cake – among other things 🙂 We decided to narrow it down to just a cheat meal, and even that will probably just be adding chicken and/or cheese to our salad at dinner. So funny to me how our idea of a ‘cheat’ has changed! Though I would still really like a bite of chocolate cake 🙂


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