Bean Burgers & Zucchini chips | Recipe

Tonight’s dinner was something I didn’t ever think I would eat: black bean burgers. They were surprisingly good! The flavor was amazing, but the texture definitely took a little getting used to 🙂

We started with this recipe, but of course tweaked it a bit. Once we mashed the beans and added the breadcrumbs (about half the breadcrumbs the original recipe called for) I added things to it like I would my regular hamburgers: ketchup, ground mustard, Pampered Chef smoky bbq rub, Frank’s hot sauce, pepper, garlic salt, etc. I never measure when I do this, so it’s hard to give an exact recipe. Just throw in whatever sounds good to you! I used my mandolin slicer for the onions before chopping into little pieces because I love the onion taste, but hate the texture. As I was sautéing them, I also added a clove of garlic.  We didn’t add the cracker crumbs that the recipe calls for because we didn’t have any, but I think it would have made them too dry anyway.

I read somewhere online that it’s hard to get rid of the ‘mushy center’ of bean burgers, so we flattened the patties out as much as we could while they cooked. I think it worked because we didn’t have that problem! We will probably make the patties a little smaller next time because the thin, crispy edges were the best part. Rather than the full burger set up, we just made the patties – I don’t know that we would have liked them as well if we had eaten them on buns. This way, we had no expectations of a traditional burger texture as we were eating them.

On the side we had one of my favorites: baked zucchini ‘chips.’ I sliced one zucchini using my mandolin slicer and it was enough to fill up my two largest cookies sheets with some left over. I normally toss the slices with melted butter before laying them on the parchment lined cookie sheet, then sprinkle them with parmesan cheese, garlic salt and pepper. To make these vegan-friendly I used EVOO instead of butter and left out the parmesan. They were just as good! I could have eaten both pans, but had to share with Blake 🙂

Tonight was our first night trying out the new organic ketchup. I’m a bit of a ketchup snob and typically only like Heinz. We bought the Greenlife store brand and I honestly couldn’t tell much of a difference! I think we’re getting the hang of this!


4 thoughts on “Bean Burgers & Zucchini chips | Recipe

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  2. Hi Sara. I am Monica from Greenlife. I am so inspired by your blog. I am getting ready to go look at the websites that you gave me. I am so very proud of you & your husband. I wish continued success.

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