Day One Meal Recap

Since the first day was spent cleaning out the kitchen and grocery shopping, I didn’t get any photos of our meals…

For breakfast we had sleep 🙂

Lunch was juice from the juice bar at Greenlife. Sunny Bunny (apple, carrot, orange) for me and Green Goddess (cucumber, parsley, kale, apple) for Blake. This was our first ‘juice meal’ and we really liked it! Can’t wait to get our own juicer on payday!

Pre-dinner snack was a slice of the bread we bought at market with Justin’s honey almond butter. We got a little sample pouch when we checked out at Greenlife and we will definitely be buying a whole jar! It was so good!

For dinner we had spaghetti and salad, with an orange for dessert. We accidentally threw away the package for the noodles, but they were purchased at Greenlife and met our new food rules. For the sauce, we used our usual Prego – I couldn’t believe it met all the requirements! I was nervous about the noodles, but I couldn’t really tell a difference. My sister was over for dinner and even she said it tasted good! Somehow we overlooked buying salad dressing at the store, so we improvised with oil, mustard, a little vinegar and herbs/seasonings. It wasn’t my favorite, but was definitely better than dry salad! Blake must have liked it because he had me make some more to take in his lunch today 🙂


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